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Sample imagePresident of Association of Auditors and Management Consultants from the Republic of Moldova, General Director of audit company „Ecofin-Audit-Service” SRL, editor in chief of "Fin-Consultant" magazine, economist, Mr. Ion Prisacaru has signed a new original book, which has recently appeared at the publishing house ”Gunivas” – “Return to roots”. (Read more...)
Sample imageIn March 2012, Audit firm „Ecofin-Audit-Service” SRL, became partner – member, of international network Crowe Horwath International. (Read more...)
Sample imageOn 02.02.2012, during the award ceremony for “Brand of the year - 2011” contest, Ecofin-Audit-Service Ltd was awarded the “Mercuriul de aur (Golden Mercury)” Grand Prix for the “Financial Institutions, Products and Services” category, Socially Responsible Brand Nomination. (Read more...)

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About us

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Outlines and purposes conformed to desiderata

Dear friends and colleagues,
Those years of activity which the audit company “Ecofin-Audit-Service” Ltd. has registered is a totally important event for the team I have the honour to manage, and I believe that, for our clients as well. Which is essential in our effort, proven from the beginning (company registration date: 28.12.2001) and in continual growing, is that we have been knowing to intuit the time’s desiderata, many of which were compelled by the new surroundings, and to form clearly, in opportune terms, our missions and objectives. Further it was more important to know how to mobilize forces and converge energy, knowledge and vitality for overcoming the difficulties and impediments towards envisaged purposes. It is great that the team was persisted by an emotional communication, almost kindred, among its members. In this period, which passed for us like one moment, we managed to establish and conquer the respective place on the inland market of audit services. This was quite uneasy in conditions of rigid competition. I satisfactorily state that the success was achieved due to the high professionalism, loyalty, perceptiveness and responsibility shown by the young team.


of Audit Firm “Ecofin Audit Service” Ltd.

Ceban Irina

Confidentiality and transparency

Observing the principle of legality, ensuring confidentiality to the company’s clients, “Ecofin-Audit-Service” Ltd. is transparent in its actions. The company’s activity represents interests for mass-media sources, which want to find out specialists’ view on the events from the national economy, on initiatives, amendments to the economic-financial legislation. The most important articles for the public refer to organizing and keeping business accounting, applying tax legislation, developing audit activity in the Republic of Moldova. The company “Ecofin-Audit-Service” Ltd. actively participates in exhibitions, presenting informational stands and software products. Participating in exhibitions is an imperative of the time. Here, relations with the long-standing clients are strengthening, and the future clients have the opportunity to familiarize with the company’s skills regarding qualitative rendering of audit services.


  • “Ecofin-Audit-Service” Ltd. is the first company rendering services in the Republic of Moldova, Romania and the CIS countries which achieved the International quality certificate IQNet on implementation and maintaining a quality management system according to the conditions of the standard ISO 9001:2000. At the moment the standard ISO/IEC 27001 “Information security” is being implemented.
  • We hold the following awards: 2nd Grade Laureate of the State Award for Achievements in the area of Quality, Productivity, Competitiveness, “The best tax-payer of the year 2005”; “The best tax-payer of the year 2006”; Medal of Honour in the Contest “Trade Mark of the year 2005” and “Trade Mark of the year 2006” at the category “financial services”, “Trade Mark of the year 2009, 2010, 2011”, : 2nd Grade Laureate of the State Award for Achievements in the area of Quality, Productivity, Competitiveness of the 2010 year.
  • The services offered by the company “Ecofin-Audit-Service” guarantees confidentiality. From our experience, this element is important for making it possible to develop fully professional relations. The services rendered to the client are directed permanently to improving and perfecting his activity. That’s why, “Ecofin-Audit-Service” Ltd. ensures confidentiality to the information received from the client or obtained for him, even after seizing the collaboration with him.
  • The company takes fully legal and material responsibility towards the recipient of rendered services, observance of agreed terms, confidentiality ensuring and other assumed engagements.
  • The company organized and issues the monthly Magazine in management consulting “Fin-Consultant”, which is distributed free of charge to the clients of “Ecofin-Audit-Service” Ltd.
  • The company “Ecofin-Audit-Service” launched the professional organization – Audit and Management Consultants Association from the Republic of Moldova, the president of which is the director of “Ecofin-Audit-Service” Ltd. The Association, also has contribution in protecting the rights and promoting interests of the clients of “Ecofin-Audit-Service” Ltd., participates actively in drawing up and updating the normative acts which regulate the activity from the economic-financial and accounting area.

Company staff

The deep knowledge in the social and economic sphere of the country leads to sure and high professional services rendered by a group of specialists experienced in financial and accounting activity, audit, tax, financial, business consulting and appraisal.

In our company activate 3 certified auditors:

1. Ceban Irina - general audit

2. Vîrjnevschi Maria - general audit

3. Sheptelich Cristina - general audit

Company’s philosophy policy

The philosophy policy of the company “Ecofin-Audit-Service” is based on the following principles:

  • Legality.
  • Advantage to the client’s interests – the personnel is at client’s services.
  • Individualism and creativity in executing each order, and further monitoring of the situation.
  • Guarantee for rendered services.
  • Continuity in personnel improvement.
  • Dynamism and flexibility in business.
  • Efficiency (territorial representatives).

The company ensures observance of all principles simultaneously, guaranteeing effectiveness, stability and security in business.




Donoway Partner