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Sample imagePresident of Association of Auditors and Management Consultants from the Republic of Moldova, General Director of audit company „Ecofin-Audit-Service” SRL, editor in chief of "Fin-Consultant" magazine, economist, Mr. Ion Prisacaru has signed a new original book, which has recently appeared at the publishing house ”Gunivas” – “Return to roots”. (Read more...)
Sample imageIn March 2012, Audit firm „Ecofin-Audit-Service” SRL, became partner – member, of international network Crowe Horwath International. (Read more...)
Sample imageOn 02.02.2012, during the award ceremony for “Brand of the year - 2011” contest, Ecofin-Audit-Service Ltd was awarded the “Mercuriul de aur (Golden Mercury)” Grand Prix for the “Financial Institutions, Products and Services” category, Socially Responsible Brand Nomination. (Read more...)

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Accounting (bookkeeping) services

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Accounting arrangement

The specialists of the company “Ecofin-Audit-Service” will help estimate the acting business accounting system of an enterprise and optimize it, basing upon the discovered defaults.

Accounting arrangement includes a complex of measures and primarily the determination of accounting policy, decision on the accounting type, selection of technical mean complex, accounting service structure formation, working out documents circulation graphic and accounting personnel official instructions etc. In the issue of realizing these measures, a decision is taken on arranging efficient business accounting in your company.

  • Carry out express-analysis of Your activity;
  • Define an effective accounting policy;
  • Arrange an optimal documents circulation system;
  • Work out accounts working schedule;
  • Draw up clear accounting transaction scheme;
  • Determine the necessary forms for primary documents, accounting registries, business accounting;
  • Give recommendations on the technology of processing accounting and reporting information.

Business accounting keeping

Full or partial business accounting keeping.

You commit to the company “Ecofin-Audit-Service” fully or partially keep business accounting. In this case we assume the responsibility for keeping business and tax accounting, as well as for providing accounting, tax and statistical reports to the respective bodies..

Two options:

а) The reports are signed by the economic unit’s representatives with the first and second signature.
b) The reports are signed with the first signature by the director of the economic unit, and with the second signature, basing on the agreement of guarantee, by the representative of the audit company.

The second type of business accounting keeping for the Client – partial, by which You charge the audit company be the chief accountant. The company “Ecofin-Audit-Service” through its representative (the chief accountant), arranges the work of the economic unit’s accountancy on processing, systematization and statement in business accounting of all primary documentation, as well as drawing up of accounting, which after being singed by the director and chief accountant (who represents the audit company), is provided to the respective bodies.

Regardless of the option You choose, the company “Ecofin-Audit-Service” guarantees correctness in record keeping and in report drawing up and it fully responds in conformity with the current legislation.

  • We assume the WHOLE cooperation with the finance and tax bodies, statistics bodies CNAS, CNAM;
  • We guarantee timeliness in drawing up and providing reports;
  • You are protected against stressful work situations (illness or discharge of the accountant etc.);
  • You receive additional audit services at remarkable discount prices for most consultation services, connected with book keeping and taxation;
  • The price for this service is equal to the wage of only one accountant..

You save:

  1. On the taxes which are charged from wage;
  2. On renting office and equipment for the accountant’s workplace;
  3. On purchasing and updating special accounting programs;
  4. The expenses for our services reduce the taxable income, and the VAT is recorded in set-off;
  5. We accompany all Your inspection;
  6. We account for our work.

Hiring audit companies is the best way for minimizing the problem of financial risks which are connected with business accounting keeping!!!

Business accounting reinstatement

Carrying out business accounting reinstatement is necessary for the companies in which the managers or holder, under certain circumstances, consider that the book-keeping was made incorrectly, or hasn’t been carried out at all. Business accounting reinstatement usually represents a lasting complex task (often from several weeks to several months) and is realized on the issue of the agreement of business accounting reinstatement. In the process of seeking task solutions, the following persons are engaged:

  • auditors, who are responsible for task formulation, control on their fulfilment, work ending and analysis of the possibilities on minimizing taxation;
  • specialists on business accounting, who ensure preparation, processing and transaction of documents;
  • programmers, who work out certain programming decisions aimed to reinstating business accounting.

Which troubles the company might have in case business accounting is absent?

The lack of accountability (or direct accountability) brings to the fact that leaders, founders and other interested persons (creditors, business associates) don’t have the possibility to receive full and reliable information about the entity’s activity and status. If the entity doesn’t keep records on or carry on primary documents – then, in case the tax body performs a check-up, additional taxes and fines will be imposed (from 500 to 30 thousand leis).

Lack of book-keeping records or primary documents will not allow to control the safety of inventory holdings, money means and other enterprise assets, as well as to receive promptly information regarding transactions with creditors and debtors. But, the thing which is really important is that the lack of integral business accounting doesn’t allow maintaining the position in case a tax check-up is made.

How is business accounting reinstatement realized?

  1. After a visual examination of the held documents and 1C electronic base, our company’s auditors state the necessity of realizing business accounting reinstatement.
  2. Next, we perform a preliminary analysis of Your accountancy status. The result of this analysis is a written report, which includes all the defaults, mistakes and oddness in business accounting keeping, as well as the appropriate working schedule and the price for reinstating the business accounting.
  3. On the issue of the preliminary analysis we draw up a business accounting reinstatement scheme and proceed works on reinstating the business accounting.
  4. After all works are done, we prepare a report on the works performed for reinstating business accounting. Then, we turn over the works on business accounting reinstatement.

The payment for arranging and keeping business accounting amounts not less than 200 (two hundred) Euros, VAT not included.

Factors which determines the final cost for services:

  • types of activity;
  • time required by the company’s personnel for rendering services;
  • volume of works;
  • volume of documents circulation and number of performed transactions.


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